Our Rock Project

Michael Van Laanen is the founder & CEO of Our Rock, Inc. and the Our Rock Project. We are a 501.c.3 educational non-profit organization that promotes student filmmaking. We help students tell stories about what life is like where they live. The students choose their topics, do their own research, find local professionals to interview, write and record their own voice-overs and then edit and polish their short form STEM. Once the film teams have completed their productions they can share their work with the world on our free access video library. Student have told stories about where their was comes from, what kind of food do they eat and where does it come from, what types of flora and fauna do they have there and have also produced films that speak about social issues that they are passionate about. The Our Rock Project is completely free to participate in and any student(s) that have have produced short form films whether they be animation, narrative, claymation or even photo essays are welcome to submit their work for hosting in our library. Our goal is to build a free access archive of stories about life on our planet as seen and told by the children who live there.

Student Filmmaking, Science and Natural History Fillmmaking
Boca Raton
Founder & CEO Our Rock Project