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    Trailer to my new short film DETENTION OF THE DEAD, please critque

    yeah actually since then i have done a couple of things, at the moment i am working on a web series called 7AM a bit like groundhog day meets final destination meets huge conspiracy. CLICK HERE for my page about it all! and you can find the Teaser Trailer here.
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    FINAL DESTINATION Fan film - VFX short

    It took me 6 months to put this baby together so i hope you like the finished product, its a FINAL DESTINATION fan film that takes a more literal approach to the idea.
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    My new ZOMBIE short film, please watch - DETENTION OF THE DEAD

    DETENTION OF THE DEAD At St. Columbas High School, when rebellious student Holly is put in detention, things don't pan out as they usually do. As she hears a scream outside of her detention room she explores outside and is sent into a devilish world where zombies have taken over the school. But...
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    DETENTION OF THE DEAD - New short film check it out
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    Teaser Trailer to my new Horror/Comdey short
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    Trailer to my new short film DETENTION OF THE DEAD, please critque
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    BLOOD ORANGE - my new short film in winter magic film festival

    Please watch it
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    Trailer for new short - Blood Orange
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    How to pitch a short film to investors/sponsors when im a teenager in school

    How do i pitch an idea to investors for a short film and who should i try to do it to when im an extremly passionate 17 year old highschooler ->
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    Im teenagr eager 2 try n get investors for a short film, is this a good idea 2 try

    Is this a good idea: im a teenaga passionat about filmmakin i was thinkin of trying 2 get investors 4 next Short film? i want to take a more proffesional stance on film making and attempt to make a Short Film that has a budget for once, i was thinking of writing an article for my local gazzet...
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    Watch my new short film THE FACE 2 please

    thanks for the critique, to answer your questions, i dont read the magazine becoz i live in aus and they dont sell it here, wish they did. Im not in film school im currently in year 12 of high school. I didnt make the music myself,, its not orginial but i did the music syncing and editing, i cut...
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    Filming a car scene?

    So basicly i am making a short film consisting of a people talking in a car, i think the car should be actually moving for realism but the problem with that is it will be difficult to film the actors, how can i film the actors effectivley whilst the car is moving
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    Watch my new short film THE FACE 2 please

    heres the link:
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    Watch my short film trailer and critque please
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    Advice om short film idea?

    I am making a 5 min short film, and this is an idea i had: - Guy in a red shirt a green cap is driving along at night - Another guy in a similar red shirt and green cap with a white duffle bag is hitch-hiking - Man in car picks up hitchiker - Man driving car turns on radio - Menwhile...