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    RED or EX1? Which one is right for you?

    Wow, thanks for the schooling! How can one differentiate between "1080p" and TRUE 1080p? What should you look for? Is the EX1 the best professional camcorder out today, in your opinion? My heart is broken after hearing what you said about the HVX... Simply broken. I guess it's not that...
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    RED or EX1? Which one is right for you?

    Is the EX1 better then the HVX200? It films in 1080 at 60p. You need a lens adapter for both the EX1 and the HVX, so I'd say the HVX was better... Am I wrong in assuming this? -Neil
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    Camera with the largest Aperture?

    Well, is there a camcorder with the largest aperture and if so, does that necessarily mean it will perform better in low light? Thanks, Ne!l
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    Can I use a cheap tape recorder?

    Thanks for the reply! I never thought you can do it straight into the camera on account of the fact that I'm an idiot. I spent so much time in the last months focusing about video I kind of panicked when I thought about sound. A friend of mine straightened me out like you did, telling me...
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    Can I use a cheap tape recorder?

    If I have a pretty sweet mixer and a decent mic, can I just use a cheap tape recorder attached to the mixer? Not only will it sound DECENT but will it work? Can you use a mixer to get tape recordings into a computer or am I in way over my head... Please help me!!! If you have any suggestions...
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    best Camera for $5000

    The HVX is also HD... The XL2 looks like crap in low light. You can't buy lenses for the HVX without getting an adapter like a Redrock or Letus, but you can cheat DoF pretty easy. DoF - Depth of Field.
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    best Camera for $5000

    Is everyone forgetting about the HVX200? You can score one for 4,999 and it's the greatest camera ever made. Shoots in 60p for those who get off on that kinda thing. Looks great in the dark and comes with P2 cards so you can pop them right into your lap top and start editing. The HVX200...
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    1080i converted to 1080p in post???

    Does anyone know if that's possible? I'm looking into getting an HVX200 and I've found out that it won't film anything over 30 frames a second in 1080p. I was wondering if you filmed in 1080i if some how in post you could condense both interlace frames into one progressive? Am I way off base...
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    most pro./best possible dv camera for under $1500

    I’m interested to see a response for this as well, though I don’t think you can TOUCH a professional style look for less then $2,500. If I were her I would just save up and see if you can find a cheap XL2 for that much. I’ve seen that price around, I’m just saving for the HVX. SNAP! -Neil
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    FILM LIKE video footage from Panasonic HVX200 (P2)

    What did you use? What did you use? Can you name everything you used for the making of "Unfortunately Malory?" Any filters? Post programs? etc. I think you did an amazing job with it, on top of your other movie with the old ladies. It was a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work...
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    Wide angle lense for my Everio for a letter box effect?

    If the wide angle lenses give me a wider recorded image, would it be safe to assume that after a post letter box effect was added I'd end up with a cheap looking, but decent "True Widescreen" effect? Anyone? -Neil I'm looking into buying a wide angle lens but I'm not 100% that it will work...