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    Film Making.

    I like your video, it look like professional video created for entry level video makers.
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    5 Rupee (Short Film)

    Wow awesome movie you are created.
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    Casting Call for K.C. Area.

    Please check your mail.
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    Male talent needed for corporate video

    Hi, we have such model who will be worked in films industry in case if you still looking for actor please visit website.
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    Female Actress Wanted! - Short Video.

    I will suggest you please visit website you will be get professional female actress.
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    How to get an Audition in Hollywood

    Start Acting career in hollywood is most difficult than bollywood, If you have some strong relation (contacts) with hollywood members then only you will be enter into hollywood movie.
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    Casting Notice - Pregnant Actress for feature film

    Ok, i will suggest you please go with website, you will be get female model.
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    Favorite Actors??

    My favourite actor name is Amol Palekar from Bollywood Industry.
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    Favorite Actor?

    My vote is for 2nd rank actor.
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    How to make Career in Journalism?

    If you want to be a Journalist then take admission in Management Colleges you will get good placement also there.