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    Time lapse whilst panning

    I've seen those time lapse panning shots before in some documentary style programs. Never wondered how they did it. If I had to do it I'd probably shoot a stillstanding timelapse in very high definition and then zoom in and pan the image in post. Certainly would be the best controlled way...
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    EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! Behind the scenes discussion

    And now, I'm going to shake things up a bit with my latest movie "EENDAG: Earthquake!". Watch the damn thing. I beg you. It'll only take 6 minutes. And then, come partake in this discussion. Director's comments: Q: So, why on earth an earthquake? A: Well we needed some more...
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    Insane injuries and damages suffered during film shoot

    Why hello everybody! Have you ever suffered insane damages and personal injuries during a film shoot? So have I!!!! Oh baby the pain!!!! Oh the pain was so severe!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm getting all worked up just thinking about the severe trauma. It all happened during the...
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    Aging 30 years: With Make-up vs. With Time

    Found this interesting.
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    EENDAG MOVIE SPECIAL: To catch a criminal

    Kevin's father leaves a rather disturbing message with Kevin's robotic secretary, informing him that people's livestock are disappearing all over town and that Kevin needs to go carefully guard the sheep all day and also sleep next to the kraal. Kevin does so, and is visited in the night by...
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    Raspberry Pi

    Just wondering how many of you use Raspberry Pi computers in any of your filmmaking endeavours yet, and to what extent? Would love to hear your movie studio setup (or other) around this computer, what O/S & editing application, and what kind of results and effectiveness you are experiencing at...
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    MIAULI en VEERTJIES: Miauli meets Veertjies

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW! Miauli the cat is sailing upon the seven seas aboard his sailing ship. His food and water on board is getting scarce, so he decides to swing by an island to pick up some more provisions. On this island, he finds a bird sitting on the ground, fast asleep...
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    SLOBBIES: Running away from home

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW CoolAsFire, the rowdy teenager, and his mother, Ol'Mom, are having a fight. She feels he's just wasting his life, while he is all sassy and teenagey and tries to be coy and angry and stupid, as teenagers are. Finally he storms out of the room and goes to watch...
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    EENDAG: An evil force takes hold of the land

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW! Little Kevin Sweefarend arrives back home on his motorcycle from having taken out the sheep to graze. Back in his room, he finds the message that has been left by his father on Secretarybot. Kevin has to watch his father's sheep full time now and sleep next...
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    SLOBBIES: The birth of CoolAsFire

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! Ol'Mom, a fat woman in a yellow dress with orange hair, is moarning her husband's passing at his gravesite. She remembers all the good times they've had together. How they first went out for example. Her father went along on their first date, believe it or not...
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    EENDAG: Kevin's life dream

    Oh yes, I completely forgot there's a whole website outside of these forums. And I found your picture there. Looking good! :) So this whole joint is your operation. Pretty impressive yo! Is there any online cotest I can enter this EENDAG: Kevin's life dream short film into, or does it...
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    EENDAG: Kevin's life dream

    Slightly better yeah. I still don't know any specifics of any of your deeds or seen one single picture of you, but it's up to you how much you'd like to reveal. What you did reveal is deep philosophical stuff, man. Very beautiful. Keep up the good... somethingorother :) It's good to know...
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    District 9 the sequel: The prawn is back!

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH DISTRICT 9 2: "The prawn is back!" The prawn is back with a vengeance! Look at the ugly creature, ready to pounce on the humans, straight from his alien mothership! Or hatched from an egg on earth, even worse! They wander among us for all we know. Well those of us who...
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    EENDAG: Kevin's life dream

    A little too brief, but at least you're not talking my head off. Fine, be a mystery person if that's your thing.
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    Have you found any use for storyboards?

    Yep, so not all the time then. Only for certain short pieces. That's how I've basically experienced it.