I make films, baby! Yeah.

I'm artist and filmmaker Marius Sweefarend, also better known as supermodel and actor and character and time traveller and robot designer Kevin Sweefarend. Also student and master of the art of film, therefore visitor of and poster in your establishment, for students (and masters) of film, so was my thinking anyway.

My photographic modeling type work include the below:

Kevin Sweefarend in advert for Angry Young Surfer surfing apparel

Kevin Sweefarend Son Of Africa

Action movie star Kevin Sweefarend on film set of indie action flick

Kevin Sweefarend voted hottest hunk of the year!

Angry Young Surfer boardshorts tag with supermodel Kevin Sweefarend's picture

Kevin Sweefarend looking sexy on the beach

Dinosaur attacks Kevin Sweefarend!

My robots include officebots, kronobots and Majoorbot:

Kevin Sweefarend's workbot/officebot working at an office desk

Kronobot time traveling robot, original model held by Kevin Sweefarend

Kronobot version 2 appears in Kevin Sweefarend's room

Kronobot, also known as Kronobot-3000X, early model

My movie projects include numerous but what's online so far is:





My communication connection between the world and my filmed world is MooiFlieks.Com. I specialize in things that I like, not what the beast wants to eat.

Signature - Now that's just luvleh!