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    Music in film

    Thanks guys. I'll definitely look into finding a free recording of a classical piece.
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    Music in film

    This question is in regards to both the online contests here at and the use of unoriginal music in film in general. I know that specif permission is needed to use copyright music, which I'm guessing is not permitted in a film submitted to the contest. However, is it legal...
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    Introduction - Hello

    Hey, and welcome to the forums. Yes, still photography does help one understand the concepts of lighting. However, taking a basic cinematography/film class would cover the basic of lighting anyway, so i say go with the film class. Fortunetly, my dad is ( or was) a professional photographer...
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    Does anyone know of any simple ways to raise money for a film?
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    Ok heres the deal. My sony digital 8 died on me about a week ago (piece of sh**). Anway, it would have cost over $250 to fix it, so i said screw them, i'll just buy another camera (on eBay.) I got my new camera, much better than the SOny, blah blah blah. There's one problem. The tape that was...
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    Avid - Any questions? What do you think? Chat about Avid

    I've been using Premeire Pro to edit, or at least trying to. The rendering process is so ridiculously long, i cant seem to get anything done. Is the rendering process on Avid or FCP faster and more efficient, or will i find it to be slow on all professional editing software? -Mark
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    camera problem

    Some moisture got into the camera a few weeks ago, and the vision was a bit blurred as a result. It dryed off in a few hours and was working fine again for the next week and a half. Now its not working at all...
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    camera problem

    2003 Sony DCR-TRV250
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    camera problem

    Went to use my camera today after not using it in a few days. I had shot with it over the weekend and it worked fine. I shut it off, left it on a table in my room, and then today i pick ti up and it wont turn on, even when its connected to the Ac adapter. I tried some troubleshooting tips, but...
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    I'm using Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit my films. I haven't had much experince with After Effects, and i'm sure this one shot in my new film would require the use of it. It involves a ghost throwing a glass, so we basically just see the glass fly. Can anyone tell me exactly how this can...
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    You would be right in most cases. However, the cast has not even read the script and only have a vague idea of the story. I don't think they lost interest in making THIS film, but just making films in general. I guess theres nothing left to do but find new actors . . .
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    My cast is having second thoughts about making an upcoming film. They are my friends, so they're my only hope for making the film. What can i do to keep them in the production? Peace
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    Who does your storyboards?

    For those of you who use storyboards, who draws them up for you? A friend? Professional? You? Peace
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    Printed out the perfected script today (not the one above) and registered it on the Writers Guild (highly recommended). Just a quick question to those of you who use storyboards: Who draws them for you? A friend? Professional? You? Peace
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    Here's the rest of the script. Feedback please :) EXT. RIDGE ROAD – DAY Two teenage boys ride their bikes down the hill on their way home from a repair shop in the next town. One has tan skin, resembles the epitome of an Italian, and has a guitar strapped to his back – Daniel Pascarelli...