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    THE STORE ( Short Film )

    Well, a store owner in my city asked me to make a video for his store for advertisement purpose, he was enchanted by my youtube video's and he wanted have one of these particular video's for promote his store, he looked like for something of uncommon, I made it, he was satisfied, then I modified...
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    Trailer "The Mask"

    Here is a little part from my first medium lenght film, it's a Sci-Fi who I'd like to bring at some festival, would be the first time for me, actually I'm working on it.
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    Looking for a Flycam

    Hello Guys, I have a Sony ILCE-5000, very light it weight 0,820 pound, I'm looking for a stabilizer who can allow me to filming meanwhile I'm wamking and running, I heard that glidecam are better then shoulder cam for this, but glide are too much expensive, so I will buy a flycam, I'm not sure...
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    Question about Festival

    Hello guys, for the first time I wanna submit my short film on a festival, I don't know much about it, I'm focus to do the things as well as possible, so no music with copyright and something like that, I have a question, it's a Sci-Fi short, in one scene I wanna create a laboratory environment...
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    Best way to put your Short Film in a spotlight

    Hello, are only two years who I'm making short films, I wonder what is the best way to put your short in a spotlight provided it's a good level one. In my opinion social media like facebook and youtube are a mess right now, people overthere looking for shitty videos, quality videos remain...
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    [Short Film] Invasion (ITA-ENG) Sci-Fi

    Hello, I wonder if you could give me your feedback about my last short :
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    Videoclip : Infierno

    I was invited in a carnival with horror theme, so I decided to make a videoclip, but become something of more, a mix between a videoclip and a short film, I think is the best I made so far.
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    COMICS CITY - Short Film

    Sure, of course, ask me what you want !!!
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    COMICS CITY - Short Film

    This is my best Short Film so far, is a short-spot for a comics event.
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    Short Film : Sometime they comeback I made this short in two weeks, no budget, can you give me your opinion ?
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    Short Film : Crime Evolve Part 1 sub eng

    This is one of my last short film, it's a comedy-action, I know that I have to improve a lot, on the other hands are only six months that I'm filming.
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    Short Film : Bruce Lee in my gym

    This is one of my first short movie I made, very simple, very short, was one of my first experiments.
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    My last Short Film "Fighting Van Damme"

    Hello guys, here is my last short film.