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    John Lennon Claymation

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    Correct shutter speed shooting undermixed light for Video

    You should be fine recording a TV because they also run at 25fps.
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    I want to understand different types of lenses.

    Yes sorry I was referring to 16mm lenses. I should have specified.
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    Correct shutter speed shooting undermixed light for Video

    There is no one perfect shutter speed or f stop, it's all situational. Get a light meter and it will tell you what f stop to choose. If you really can't stop down your lens for those lights then you have some options. You can put an ND filter on which reduces the amount of light entering the...
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    Tips for a DV Camera User

    Write a bunch of short scripts and make as many as you can. The only way to learn how to make a film is to go out and practice as much as you can. Upload them to the internet and ask people to critique them for you. Then when you get to college you will have experience making many short...
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    Magic Hour

    It appears more orange because the temperature the daylight stock is balanced for is greater than the temperature at that hour. So if you use Tungsten stock at that hour it's going to be pretty natural looking but depending on what time a little colder. I've used 500t at around dusk and it...
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    I want to understand different types of lenses.

    Prime just refers to a fixed focal length lens usually around 25mm to 35mm. It gives you the perspective pretty close to the human eye. Zoom as you probably know changes in focal length. They usually go from about 18mm-120mm. Zoom lenses have greater depth of field. Wide is pretty much...
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    Well you have to white balance to the LCD screen you're recording. I've noticed they come off as a little blue. An easy fix would be using an outdoor preset on your camera to match the blue color.
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    16mm film question

    I've been buying in bulk off ebay. Just make sure the film is under ten years old and has been refrigerated. Ask for the dates.
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    16mm film question

    I'd shoot color negative and heres why. You can shoot outdoors and indoors no problem. For color reversal you're going to probably shoot oustide because its 100D. You can get an 80A filter which corrects it for tungsten use but its lowers the ASA to 25 which requires a ton of light. If you...
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    Question on Jarring Effect, also a Q on Editing Workshops

    gate weave gate weave Thats a gate weave. To do that digitally you could keyframe it. I would blow it up a little so the black edges don't show when you shake it back and forth. Keyframe your center and move your clip -3 on the x-axis then move your playhead a few frames right and make a...
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    Which Film Stock?

    I know this is kind of up to me but I'm just looking to gain more knowledge about these different stocks. For my next short film I'm going to be shooting Color Neg 16mm. Its a romance/comedy/drama I guess you could say its a dark romantic comedy. I want it to have a very dramatic and romantic...
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    DV Overexposure

    You can get this effect by doing some 3 way color correction in post. But you must have your subjects in a darker area as in the still. Correctly expose your subjects leaving the background a bit brighter. Up your whites and mids and pull down your blacks and you will get this kind of...
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    You heard it from a pro. I'm reading your Cinematography book you did with Malkiewicz. Its a great book. I learned to shoot 16 with it. -Jon
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    Time Lapse Simulation

    time lapse time lapse Yes video can be a pain but time lapse is possible and easy. All you do is get a tripod and pick a location and record 2 or 3 seconds every 30 to 60 seconds depending how fast you want the motion to be. Then speed it up in post. A lot of 3ccd cameras come with time...