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    CRITIQUES NEEDED - Please help!

    We come up with our ideas and produce and whatever together, we don't really have delegated roles for any of that. Sometimes one of us might contribute more or less in those categories than other times. But our editor and cinematographer is Sergio, he's in a few of the videos but isn't usually...
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    GREETINGS from the newest member, Youtube: Laugh Over Life

    Hey! Some friends and I have been working on our film making skills by uploading to YouTube as frequently as we can. Our channel is Laugh Over Life, and we're trying to make comedy skits. We've definitely been making progress, but we felt it would be better go to get people's opinions or...
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    CRITIQUES NEEDED - Please help!

    Hey! We recently have been uploading skits to YouTube. It's been fun, but we also want to try putting ourselves out there to receive more criticism from people who don't know us :D This is the most recent video we made: If you want to go even...