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    Drone Talk

    With everyone talking about drones that I know I figure we have to have a done forum!
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    ‘Why Document Atrocity?’ | Video Contest | Free to Enter | Cash Prizes

    If you include dates I can include it on the calendar.
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    working on the student filmmaker online store front

    The most one video has is like 700 views. That is not millions! Your website has almost no traffic at all. I mean I wish you the best but that is not millions. I ran an analysis and your website traffic like so low it's not ranking globally. Nothing against you or anything but you need to get...
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    working on the student filmmaker online store front

    I don't believe you.
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    Hire the outstanding videographers in Utah to enhance sales

    Be sure to also post this in the network at The Filmmaker Network - Cinematographers, Actors, Directors... - Filmmakers Network in the classifieds.
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    Kurt Brokaw - DOC NYC Film Festival Nov. 11-19 – Critic’s Choices
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    International Independent Film

    Added you to the Calendar!
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    How would you make this animation?

    I don't know. I would just do searches like you are doing. Looks pretty cool. It's like X-ray glasses, right?
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    Are there any terms to call animations like “Shop pop opera” or “Don’t hug me, I’m scared”?

    I don't know. but doing research on it and found some interesting things. The Don't hug me i'm scared series was quite popular. I could not find a name for the genre. Maybe we just call it a fusion. Are you an animator? Here is a review on indiewire...
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    Comment by 'Kim Welch' in media 'Unbroken QB JUNE 29-2019 1L.mp3'

    Is this the music for the video? I am not getting any visual.
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    Comment by 'Kim Welch' in media 'SHAHBAZ The Legend Unknown | Short Documentary'

    Thank you for posting this. I hope things are going well with you and you can share about creating your work.
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    Audio unsynced when using bluetooth speaker

    What are you using to render the videos?
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    Audio unsynced when using bluetooth speaker

    I wish I could help you. I have wonderboom speakers connected to my PC using bluetooth and I don't have any issues. I saw in an Abelton tutorial on how to connect and instrument to your PC and there was a setting that you could cut the delay down to an imperceptible time so you can play the...
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    Composer looking to collaborate

    Great piece Zina!