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    Theme Composer

    I love it. Thank you!
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    Theme Composer

    Thank you! Great music. Did you minor in music in school? What sparked up the music pursuit?
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    Working at home on Saturday -When will the shut downs end

    I am reading articles and posts today and working on getting another issue of the magazine out. Sign up on the store if you want to get a copy. We are going to polybag the next print issue so that it will be protected from the elements after it leaves the printer. We also have a digital version...
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    New here

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    Beautiful. The scenes I like best are the seagull taking flight, the clouds moving over the housing subdivision, flowers by the roadside, and the old bench by the water. Lovely piece of music and video Trevor. Thank you
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    Looking for thoughts on my first video: Australia in 3 minutes

    Great shots but for some reason a little box came up towards the end with the crowds that said this video is unavailable.
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    DIY Tiffen Black Pro Mist for 10 Bucks [same as Original]

    Welcome to the forums! Thank you for the informative post.
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    Choosing the Right Screenwriting Software

    This software looks very interesting and it's super affordable.
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    How does an Actor maintain motivation when regularly rejected?

    Many actors were rejected early on that went on to do very well. One of the most famous is Lucille Ball. She was not only rejected she was told she could not act and she should get a different career. I think the director even told her mother that she could not act. She was a megastar. Keep...
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    to-do list prioritization

    Working on the to-do list this morning but one of the first things I like to do it check here and in the network while having my coffee. I enjoy seeing posts from members. Also, it's a constant job removing casino, and erectile dysfunction drug posts. I hope everyone is having a great day...
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    Amazing Nature: Just Ducks on the lake

    Thank you, Aleksey! How are things in Moscow?
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    I decided to practice narration!

    Great narration
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    A big problem called: "Guiding a Composer"

    What software should a composer use to put her or his music to the video? Also, what is the workflow? I am a decent composer but there is so much software out there. What would I start with if I have a video and I want to compose music for it and sync it with the story?
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    Living it up on the Gold Coast

    It says video Unavailable