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  • Hi Kim

    Name is Dianelle and I did a post on yesterday, asking about budget forms, or how to do one. Would you happen to have any information on this topic?

    Warmest Regards

    Danny Rivers-Mitchell
    I love this site finally I can express my passion to others. If your in Florida! Let's write a screenplay! Marxxmox
    hi! i just thought id ask, since this was my motivation for registering, im shooting a day time car explosion, and interior and exterior night shoot of a 10 story building on fire, using 16 mm film, any advice on how to expose for that?
    Looking to work on some projects? In Las Vegas, Honolulu or Park City? let me know. Several projects to get started..
    hello sir thank you for adding me up ...........i am here to learn some serious filmmaking with fun ......plz guide me how to start as i only hv passion and nothing else with me.....:)
    Thanks for helping me back onto the site kim..I thought you were of the female gender..loll sorry, are you still with SAG? We'rent you a sag rep, or are you the one that was a film teacher..I forget.. are you in the bay area or LA?

    I appreciate the howdy-do.
    Just getting back to you.

    Sorry it's taken so long.
    Some times my days go so wrong.

    If you'd care to try again.
    I'm sure we'll be fine friends.

    Let me know I'll be here.
    Isn't today a nice time of year?
    Elmo Ramos, Jr. Just google me. I'm in the business of film and music. I'm currently in pre on my first documentary as a director although I've worn many hats in film before, mostly in the admin realm. I have an extensive background in music. If you want to learn more just pm me.
    I am newbie here and thanks for add - you are the first one who adds me. From your bio I understand you are enthusiast filmmaker. Let me introduce myself in very few words - I am animation enthusiast, so far mainly 3D. Work alone so far on projecys, don't have art education of any sort, study total off topic - power industry with which I decided to have no deal in future. Came here at this forum with idea of establishing ground for giving/sharing/gaining knowledge, advises on post-production/animation
    Welll, I don't know what this visitor messages IS, but: creative thinking; filmmaking; space travel. Yesss. I was in a student film and played a genius scientist who was on the verge of the invention of a space vehicle, family sized, that could get one anyowhere in space in no elapsed time but the poor man dies and his brain is cryogenically frozen and this evil . . .: well it won a student film award somewhere. I was with the Literary Dept of the Mark Taper forum and was told I was best at critiquing plays with philosophical content. I had a Pulitzer finalist editor who started an indepth regional mag and wanted me for the permanent theatre writer.
    kim wazzup?!!

    i guess i'll add myself to the list of thankful posters... thanx for the add!! so wazzup with you these days? i'm still keeping myself busy making music, drumming as well as composing my way through life, and trying to make the world just a little bit brighter day by day - taking it one smile at a time :)



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