Josef Pictures

Hey there! My name is Josef Ebner, and I am 19 years old. I come from Germany.

I am an artist that is active in various fields. Music, Film, 3D-Animation and Photography.

On my YouTube-Channel you can see some examples. Take a look at the work samples and portfolio links in the Portfolio section on my page. I made three entries on the yearly "My RØDE Reel" Short Film Competition: "The Story of An Agent", "Der Einstellungstest" (The Employement Test) and "The End". These films are all 3 minutes long and I experimented with various styles of cinematography. This year I contributed to the "Make Film Challenge" of Film Riot, where I made a 4 minute long short film all by myself. (The Agents of the DONS.) For my Films I use MAGIX Video Deluxe 2021 and Blender, also Filmstro Pro (sometimes for quick Music in the background) and various other softwares and addons (from Hitfilm for example.). These projects usually take very long and are very complicated! Planning is the best tool here! On my channel I also build rockets.

Since 2014 I made animations and renderings with Blender. Maybe you know it. Blender is a free and open-source 3D CG software that is used for creating animations, visual effects (VFX) and more. With Blender I make 3D modes, rigging characters, animating, rendering, video editing and compositing. In my portfolio you see some examples I made with Blender. I also make my own Special Effects so I can use them in my projects. These include: Muzzle Flashes, Gun shots, Explosions, Audio Effects, Stock Footage and Music.

With my camera CANON EOS2000D I make stock photography on Pond5. You can see some examples and my portfolio there. I also do wedding photography and product photography as well. I know all the little tricks so your photos look really professional. I only make high quality images.

I am happy to be here! Please feel free to invite me for jobs or ask me anything along the way! :)

Happy to hear from you! Josef Ebner.