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    [film riot] stay at home short film challenge

    This appeared on youtube yesterday, from the flim riot guys.. Let's get those creative juices flowing..
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    "Me, myself, my dragon" Short film script!

    no not really.. I have integrated the 3d model of the dragon in real life raw footage using hitfilm express
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    "Me, myself, my dragon" Short film script!

    Hi all, here is a script I've been working on this year and managed to film before the lockdown. Its a five minute short film, but I think I may have gone over the 5 minute limit. it's a drama/fantasy set in a modern era...
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    Yes kim a challenge sounds great, what a great idea to keep our creative film minds busy during these kind of out breaks. Perhaps a 60 second challenge of genre , but what?.. so many choices.
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    hi all!

    Thanks kim, that would be great, I am sure I can give out some stories of my experience in the field and when i was studying, i'll be more than happy to help out! :)
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    hi all!

    Hello, I am from the west midlands, England, my name is Imran, I have studied film and media up to a foundation degree I was studying it when I was 22. But I have a concern about my age now, is it okay to post about even if I'm not a student anymore? I searched google for an active short film...