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    New Student Filmmaker's Movie

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the filmmaking scene... I joined a beginning college course last semester, in which we created 3 group movies. One of ours, called Brother In Arms, I'm especially proud of. I was wondering if anyone from an objective standpoint can critique the movie? Now please keep in...
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    Using one camera.

    Re: Using one camera. Shoot a master scene of both actors talking together; then shoot one master scene of each individual doing their entire dialogue. Three masters will be more than enough to cut back and forth and make it seem like a smooth dialogue.
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    A good camera?

    Re: A good camera? Sorry dude, but for $500 you're not going to get a good camera. At the very least, you should go for a GL1...that will run you a couple thousand. $500 will probably get you a decent camera for home movies, but not what you're thinking of.