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    Sound and Food

    Filmmakers often eat. And Sound Mixers sometimes grill, smoke, and do other culinary things as a hobby. We started the FaceBook group "Sound and Food" originally for sound mixers, but have opened it up to anyone in the industry interested in BBQ and other edible delights. It is a closed or...
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    Ask the Experts...

    NOT use an iPhone! The terms "professional" and iPhone are opposite: do one or the other. To get professional audio, you should use a separate digital recorder and a very good microphone (or, better yet, a recorder with a small mixer and multiple microphones). For picture, even an inexpensive...
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    ambient sounds and closed spaces

    During sound editing, his dialogue track will be split onto different tracks with the helmet on and helmet off. Most likely, the on-set dialogue that would have been recorded with his helmet on would have been from a small lavalier inside the helmet, and usually would be replaced by ADR. The...
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    Ask the Experts...

    Just an ongoing reminder to the readers that many of the authors featured in our magazine are available to answer your technical questions. For those of you who do not know me, I am Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD. I am an Emmy winning location sound mixer, semi-retired these days, with over 30 years...
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    Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators

    Thanks for the offer. Like most professionals, it will depend on: the dates, and the salary.
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    Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators

    There is an excellent set of 13 very short videos available FREE on the Audio Technica youtube playlist that cover basic audio for video techniques. I was involved in the production as a writer/consultant, though I do not appear physically in the videos themselves as talent. Although Fred...
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    Sound Mixers swapmeet on May 11th in Burbank Calif

    Saturday, May 11, 2019 noon to 3pm at Trew Audio in Burbank. Free BBQ lunch. Note that this event is being put on by the Los Angeles Production Sound Mixers Facebook group, and is NOT a Trew Audio commercial event (even though Trew is providing the location and a lot of generous support). The...
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    Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO+

    Jay, nice to meet you. I am one of the contributing writers here at Student Filmmakers, and a specialist in audio. I would be happy to try to help you out. Are you currently using any audio editing programs? If you need something for free, there is Audacity. There is also full video and audio...
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    What are the details re judging? When, where, etc?

    What are the details re judging? When, where, etc?
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    audio recorder and dual lav mics

    For radio mics, also check out the Audio Technica System 10 units, They do not work on the normal UHF frequencies so they are not prone to interference or the FCC eliminating their channels down the road. For a good recorder, I agree with Kim that the TASCACM DR-70 is an excellent choice. Four...
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    Fred Ginsburg CAS will be at NAB all week to answer your audio questions

    Once again, Audio Technica has invited me back to join them during the NAB show in Las Vegas this coming April 24-28. I will be in their booth, along with soundcart and lots of mics, in order to answer your questions and provide hands-on instruction about Production Sound Recording. Selecting...
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    Game music composer & sound designer for your next project

    I have a profile image.... did you send this message to me (Fred G) by mistake?
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    Free video series about Location Sound Recording

    It is really coming along great. So nice to have a comfy home and a working office in Vegas. Real estate prices are so much lower than in Los Angeles!
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    Free video series about Location Sound Recording

    It has been a long time coming, but Audio Technica has finally posted the series of 13 educational video blogs that I wrote the first drafts for, all about location sound recording. They can be accessed either via the Audio Technica site, or directly on YouTube at...
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    Two Biggest Mistakes Student Filmmakers and Newbies Make

    Unlike video, where what you see in the viewfinder is what you get -- audio breaks all of the rules of distance and framing. Bad sound floods in from the sides, rear, and downstage front -- even if you use the world's most expensive condenser mics. Booming from anywhere other than just a couple...