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    Best Camera for Mac and FCE

    Hello! I'm sure this question has been asked multiple times but I'm trying to figure out what camera is best compatible with Mac software (FCE, iMovie, FCP)? I'm not picky over price and I'm intermediate with my film knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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    Sound Help

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm more just looking for ways to improve sound quality overall. I have heard from people space recorders work or boom mics. I don't want to break bank on mics and I have a decent number of help. I'm more asking out of curiosity. I don't plan on entering any...
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    Sound Help

    Hello! I am fairly new and looking for some advice on sound. I have a Sony HDR-CX110 and I'm not looking to do any big, flashy filming just some small videos during college. I have some questions about sound. I pick up a lot of stuff I don't want in my videos so I was wondering if there was...