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    the best camera for my use

    Buy on the go Buy on the go There are great lenses out there, but I am still researching on lenses, so can't provide much First rule: Don't buy it lenses that comes with camera, Just buy Body only. Before buying the lenses research on Prime Vs Zoom Lenses, Crop factor. If you buy any canon...
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    the best camera for my use

    Personal Choice Personal Choice Hi , All Nikon, Canon and Panasonic DSLR cameras record Video with top quality and choice is always depends on the personal interest. All of them have their pro and cons and nobody can point one of them is better than other in all aspects. Google 'em for...
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    the best camera for my use

    My 2 cents My 2 cents Hi , I didn't have much experience in the field of filmmaking ..but did lotta research on cameras ,finally zeroed Canon DSLR because of their HD videos quality ,DOF and choice of lenses. If you research pro and cons of DSLRs over Video Cameras and decide to buy DSLRs ,I...
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    Help with camera shot & editing

    Hi all, I am working on short film and need a sequence that should look same like below video from 3:00 min to the end. But ,not exactly sure how to shoot and edit ? Could anyone please help me shooting that kind of shot ? Thanks in advance! Video link...
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    Lense suggestion for Canon DSLR

    Hi All, Finally ,I am going to buy my own Canon DSLR (either t3i or 60D). I read somewhere and some one suggested me that kit lense that comes with camera is not good and planning to buy Body only . But I am so confused on what lense to buy because of lack of knowledge on lense and research on...
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    Screenplay help with Low or No Budget Short Film

    Hi All, I been trying to make a short movie for years and keep on reading about Filmmaking and most of time wasted time on what kind camera to buy. And after so much of research (only from internet), realized the MAIN THING needed for a movie is STORY..And started reading about “HOW to Write a...
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    Help with lighting

    Hi , I am wondering how to get the effect from below video from Godfather-1 starting sequence. Could you please explain the lighting arrangement for that scene. Thanks!! Watch from 0.06min to 1.00 min.
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    Help with Text on Screen

    Hi , I am using adobe premiere Pro CS4 editing software .... I am editing a who wants to be a millionaire look a like home made show ....I need help with how to create Questions , Answers appear one by one on the screen and How to make answers blink in different color when participant answer...
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    An Uncertain Moment - A Short Film

    This is the first movie from Spice 'N' Rice creations. Please provide honest comments.Have Fun
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    An Uncertain Moment - A Short Film

    This is the first movie from Spice 'N' Rice creations. Please provide honest comments.Have Fun
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    Help with Adobe CS4 Sequence Preset

    Hi, We Shot video with Nikon D90 and I am trying to edit it on Adobe premiere Proc CS4 .Could you Please let me know , which Sequence Presets I need to select.I tried with below but its not working ...Thank you very much in advance. Video Properties: Image: Width : 1280 Height : 720 Audio:(I...
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    Looking for Screenplay Feedback

    Hi , I would like to read your screenplay .....could you pelase send it to below email id : Thanks!!
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    Camera Suggestions & Questions

    Hi, I'm interested in filmmaking and seeking to start with short films; I would really appreciate your inputs in selecting Video Camera based on my requirements and fits in my budget. 1) I'm looking in the budget of $1000-$1500 and little more 2) 3CCD 3) Record to either Hard Disk or Digital...