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    young inspired amateur director

    Yes the best way to learn is to get out there and start making films. But just remember always be true to yourself no matter what the project. But I would suggest write your first film yourself don't take anyone elses work because it won't be yours and most people are not willing to let you...
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    consistent filmmakers

    I do not like QT or Michael Bay. I saw Oliver Stone's "W" when it was released last weekend and loved it. So I'd say Stone. Scorsese, Leone, and Rodriguez are consistent.
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    When was it when u got your intrestin filming ?

    That is awsome. Not only do I believe JFK to be the greatest film of all time but it is also my personal favorite and Oliver Stone is my favorite director. As for me I first became interested in film from a very early age about 5 or so in fact JFK was the first film I ever saw at the theater...
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    I'm thinking of getting into film, guys, but....

    You do have experience in film you watch movies. The way you gain experience in film is you make movies. You have a home movie camera take that and start shooting films like you've been doing. As a matter of fact I will watch the videos you've made and tell you what I think. Here are some things...
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    Just saying hi

    Welcome to the group :)
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    First feature help

    You should film in hdv format. Most people edit features with Vegas.
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    My five minute film

    I personally thought it was o.k. just that I did think that the soundtrack was a little too heavy.
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    welcome nice meeting you
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    Top Ten must see films for aspiring directors?

    I think u should watch as many films as possible.
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    New here

    hi how are ya?
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    What do you guys think about this...?

    Get Robert Rodriguex Rebel Without a Crew.
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    Top Ten must see films for aspiring directors?

    Your learn from mistakes if their your own. You can't look at someone elses filma and say thats a mistake because a mistake to one person is actually a piece of art to someone else. Also the problem with AFI and IMDB top list are that in my opinion there are many films that don't deserve to be...
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    Top Ten must see films for aspiring directors?

    El Mariachi Fistful of Dollars Salvador Platoon JFK directors cut Bonnie and Clyde Badlands Once Upon a Time in America Also watch Robert Rodriguez film school videos their really great heres the links: This one first. This one second...
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    consistent filmmakers

    IDK I still say Stone and also Sergio Leone. I've also seen a few Robert Rodriguez films that I'd never seen before and now I'd have to say that I agree with him.