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    Powerful ways to start a story

    Our do a bit of both? Have chase, blow something up and have it as part of the backstory of your main character. Great way to have an undercover cop get some respect or have a detective go after the bad guy because the bad guy blew up his partner or something? Over used I know but an excellent...
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    How to start...

    Making some short films usually helps?
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    I'm interested. Flick an e-mail to
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    New here

    Congrats on trying man. At least you're trying.
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    Our Stripper Broke Her Arm...

    Sounds like a lot of laughs. But why hire a stripper in the first place?
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    screenwriter looking to work on very lowbudget indie features

    Have faith youn padiwan. lol. Be patient and the work shall come.
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    Collaborative screenwriting Opportunity

    I'm not pro, but I'll give it a look over if you need one.
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    Hello from Chelsea

    Greetings my young padiwan. Welcome to the boards. I hope your student film can be orginised in time. If you need some advice from people that know what they're doing this is the place.
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    I'm thinking of getting into film, guys, but....

    Write a script no matter how bad, or how short, film it, edit it, show it to family & friends and get feedback good or bad, take advice and roll with it and repeat. The best advice I can give.
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    Screenplay Story

    I'd have to agree. Go with the 2nd option.
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    About to Travel Europe

    It is my belief that with any good movie you have to answer the age old questions of Who? What? When? Why? How? And anything and beyond that is a good thing. No sure if it's a help, but it's my advice to you.
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    Top Ten must see films for aspiring directors?

    Personally? 1. El Mariachi 2. Clerks 3. Reservoir Dogs And pretty much any movies with a style you want to imitate or a director you aspire to be like. But those three are a decent basis I think for low budget films. Some other dudes may have some more ideas.
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    So what do you actually want? A script? or help with the filming. Hit me up at
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    Best way to show time has past?

    If you ever need a bit of help, look us up dude. I'm sure those of us that are here are going to be more then willing to help
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    Best way to show time has past?

    Fading and quick cuts are usually an easy way I think. Though probably amaturish, montages are also a good way of showing time passing. Just a quick idea.