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    Type of Mic...?

    I'm making my first independent student film, and I'm in need of some audio teachings. I have a 3ccd Panasonic consumer video camera, and I'm guessing I'll use that for the audio...Unless theirs something out there I can use that fits my budget. Do I record the sound seperately? And whats a DAT...
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    need videocamera!

    I was wondering about nice, good quality videocameras. I currently have some Panasonic NV-GS300 and I'm dissatisfied with the quality and a lot of other stuff. I want something more, professional. I need a bulky videocamera that has the same quality as music videos today. I know theres a...
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    Hit in face or hit by a car!

    I'm in need of some 'props' or special effects for some vidoes....although I never knew how they were done. 1 - I need to find out how to hit someone in the face that seems to really hurt. The guy is yelling, very excited, stands up, picks up a game board (or whatever material) and slams it...