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    Hello guys,

    I want to ask you if you know a nice course that last 6months to 1 year...
    I'm about to travel at the end of the year and I'm looking for some places to study Screenwritting.
    Any thoughts, recommendations?

    I looked two courses but I don't know if they're good. You guys know them? Is they worth? screenwriting-school 12weekevening


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    You can also post this in this section for workshops.
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      I would def go for the Washington University.
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        I would steer clear of New York Film Academy. They can be a bit overpriced.

        Also, when deciding a program, you should think about why you want to study. Do you want to be a professionally paid screenwriter or are you looking to get into writing your own films?

        In a lot of screenwriting programs you find people who have never written an actual story in their lives. If you haven't kept a journal or written a short story before, it can be hard to catch up with those with writing experience.

        Check out, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit. It gives great insight to the business of professional screenwriting.
        Victor(ious) Ramirez


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          First, thank you guys for the answers.

          I would like to be a paid screenwriter.
          I'm actuaclly studying Cinema in my country, but they don't have a focus on screnwriting.
          I already wrote a lot of scripts, so I have some experiencie, but I do recognize that I need to improve a lot.
          So I'm looking for some courses/workshops to improve my skills as screenwriter outside my country.


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            In that case, I would lok into programs with the most networking ability. USC, UCLA, NYU, Columbia, etc. Schools of that caliber have networking just as valuable as the actual skills.

            If you're just looking for great screenwriting classes on a budget, check out Gotham workshops or HB Studio. They offer F1 visas, as well.
            Victor(ious) Ramirez


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              I tend to agree with Victor more or less on this.
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