Hi folks,

Wanted to know, if anyone can share some experience in cowriting or work with me as a cowriter.

Iím working on a comedy about an awkward son of an owner of a big net of shops who wants to prove his father that he can become his successor by starting his own company.

I already have the screenplay, but the job is far from being over. I have the title, ďTHE ENDĒ where it should be and a huge wall of text between them. Sadly, thatís not enough. One of the reasons for looking for a cowriter is that Iím not a native English speaker (you might have guessed that by now judging by my spelling) and I also donít know the culture well enough.

And so it begins...

ANDREW NILSEN, 25, carries on negotiations. He tries his best and fails, making some dumb jokes and insulting business partners by chance.

Later in his office JAMES NILSEN, 55, Andrewís father and the owner of the company, explains Andrew that he was going to quit doing business with those partners anyway.

This means two things. First Ė Andrewís fail didnít do anything bad to the company. Second Ė it was obvious that Andrew would have failed. His own father doesnít trust Andrew anything serious but wants him to be his successor anyway and comes up with a plan.

James says that ďeach situation can be clearly seen only from bottom to top, not vice versaĒ. The plan itself is simple: Andrew will be working in a small store as a sales assistant, gaining the experience he needs.

But Andrew canít handle his tasks and angers customers instead. He gets fired and has to tell his father that heís a failure as his successor. But instead he decides to start a small company to prove that heís not worthless...

Thank you
e-mail: hseldon[at]rambler.ru