Seeking Tips on Co-writing a Screenplay

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  • Seeking Tips on Co-writing a Screenplay

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a college student slowly getting into screenplays. I've written a few of my own by myself, but two friends and I are thinking about writing one together. Problem is, I have no idea how to go about that. I'm guessing the process is a lot different when there are three people instead of one, so I'm hoping you all have some tips on co-writing a screenplay.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know nothing but I would say this depends on your partnership dynamics. It's like a marriage. You know and share your goals but how you get there can change depending on the relationship. Someone might through ideas out and the other filter through. One may be strong on structure. You might be a plow horse and be able to get a lot done and then your co-writer follows up and edits. I think it just depends on what words best in your case.
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      Those are good tips -- thank you! I've been doing some research on programs that might help us stay organized and in touch even if we're not in the same room, and this article was helpful in laying out some options:

      I've heard that Slack is used in a lot of offices, and Trello sounds good too (especially since both are free and I'm on a student budget...), but I've never used any of them. Does anyone have any experience with using these programs, especially for the creative process?


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        I'm using Trello myself, it's an easy to use software. Compared to services like Redmine or Jira, its functionality is a bit poor but should be enough for your needs. Never used Slack myself, so can't say anything about it.

        And it's really good to have meetings in person from time to time. It helps to maintain the momentum.