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    Next summer, I am planning on doing an assassin short. But that's all I know. It needs to be about 20 minutes long. I am willing to pay. (Not much, but willing to negotiate) If someone has any ideas, please PM me with a synopsis on the plot, twist, etc. Here are the requirements and limitations:

    It will be an assassin film. I would like it to take place in Dallas, TX. It needs to be action-packed, suspensful, thought-provoking, and mind-boggling. It needs to have a twist no one sees coming.

    I can do a lot of effects. Guns. Helicopters. Explosions. Chases. Car crashes. Did I mention explosions?

    So, like I said, if you're interested, shoot me a PM. If I like the idea/synopsis/twist, we can work out details. Thanks!

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    Actually, I don't want a screenplay. I just want a detailed 2-4 synopsis.


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      This must be a joke....


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        How's that? To see if anyone is selling an action-packed adventure screenplay?