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  • new here, want to adapt a book

    Hi I'm hoping to get some info.
    Basically, I want to adapt a book into a screenplay.
    I want to start out by making a short stop motion animation, around 3 - 5 mins long first.
    How do you adapt a book into a screenplay, any good books etc?
    or pointers of where to start.
    Really appreciate any help.

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    Gotta buy the rights to the book first.


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      lets assume that i already have


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        is your animation film the adapted film or another project ?


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          Its the same project, I want to adapt the book into a short stop motion animation.
          I was hoping to take out a few scenes from the book and decide from there which one to use for the animation. Then in the future, make a longer version of it, maybe 10 mins long.
          I dont know how to begin.
          I was thinking I should do a summary of each chapter to begin with?

          I was wondering if someone could recommend a book on how to adapt a book into a screenplay. I assume that it would be the same no matter if it was a feature or a short animation, I dont know really...

          I have an interview to get into a film & tv course in march so I was hoping to get it done by then. Hmmm


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            As in all stories, you want to capture the attention and then make your story create emotions. It's all about storytelling. If I were in your shoes, I would trust my instincts first and make af few drawings using the elements of the bigger story, and try to find out exactly what attracts me to the story in the first place.

            Then look at books and articles about adaptation, but only after doing some work of my own first.

            My 2 cents...


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              A good starting point would be for you to retell the story of the book yourself.

              What is the story about and how would you tell it?

              This is the first step in adapting a book into a screen play. Are there scenes you would omit? If so, why? Are there scenes you would want to play up? Why?

              Bear in mind that a well written scene in a book may not make a good scene in film.

              The pace of the storytelling is also of utmost importance when you transpose a book into a film.
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                thanks guys.