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    Hi guys,

    I am currently writing a script. Didn't choose a title yet. But I have some titles in mind that I made up when I need a break. Which of the following would make you be interested in a movie and gives you the feeling that it is a big hit? BTW it is a Drama:

    - Hue
    - What about?
    - The full picture
    - Focus
    - In frames
    - Unique

    Any of these sounds interesting?

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    I would have to read the Script

    I could not give an honest opinion without reading the script. And, I don't really like the names you presented to select from.
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      Thanks for your honost opinion.....

      I agree that you have to read the script to choose a name....but what I had in mind is if you just hear the name without knowing anything about the movie what would sound professional......

      I still haven't decided yet ...I just want to know what you guys feel about such titles....I'm still coming up with more.....


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        I would say "Focus" for me is the neatest and most interesting. could be becasue that is what i need to do at this time... :shock:

        again, with what little information I have i have to say "Focus" is the most interesting. can you post part of it in the screen writing section?
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          Well my field of study or work is VERY far from filmmaking...I'm just a it is not something fancy yet....when I have something good I'll definatly share


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            Good titles...

            Good titles bear a connection the body of your story...

            Batman: A movie about a man who dresses up like a Bat!
            Superman: A man who is pretty darn super!
            The Silence of the Lambs: A story about a female FBI agent who must overcome all obsticals in her life in order to "silence the lambs".

            And of course, there ARE exceptions...
            Die Hard: A movie about a NY cop who loses his shoes at the wrong Christmas party.

            But you get the point! It's nice when the title has SOME significance to the movie. Kim is right, these titles by themselves (without knowing anything) are pretty lame.

            Hue: A movie about colour?
            What about?: What ABOUT what? There IS a film entitled "What About Bob?" - and for that film, it actually works.
            The Full Picture: Bad grammar, otherwise, too abtract - this could be about a whole ton of things.
            Focus: A film about those who suffer from ADD/ADHD? A film about pulling focus on a film set? Too abstract...
            In frames: Might be a good title for a weekly television series about movies...Or a good title for a story about an artist who's entire life is "in frames" of his paintings (I'm taking a leap here!)
            Unique: Terrible title! Too abstract...This is what you want your title to be and not to be... :wink:

            How about posting a synopsis of your little film? I will be more than happy to toss you 10 titles - FOR FREE! Can't beat that in Hollywood!

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