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    Iím hoping to recover some interesting opinions on the positive and negative of narrators in film. Iím wondering whoís opposed to the use of and whoís inclined to use more often then not. My personal interest in the subject- is that I feel somewhat forced to have a good amount of internal dialogue to convey my message. Iím wondering whether or not I should think of a more clever way to tell the story.

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    My opinion (the key word here is "opinion") is that, may times narration is over used or used to clearify things that doesenīt need it.
    As I see it, narration is best used when the story is told from the narrators point of view. This dosenīt mean that the narrator canīt be the main character.
    Forest Gump is a film that I think makes good and proper use of narration.


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      I think narration has gone out of being hip. For me, I can`t really fit it into any of the screenplays I write (then again, I write action/adventure).


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        while it can be extremely challenging to not use narration rather than using narration to help tell a story, it could be just as challenging or more challenging to use narration well. like other writing devices, it's a technique that you could either choose or not choose to use. the question is, from who's perspective can the story be best represented? what's not necessarily the easiest way to write but the best way to move the story, characters, and plot? with narration used well, the audience should barely even realize that it's there or why it's there. same idea as with other writing techniques. if you're looking for more clever ways to tell stories, consider what would happen if you went against some rules or expectations. it may or may not even be about changing the element of perspective.

        do you recall any amazing films where the narration made the experience good or bad, terrible or great?
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          Ever Necessary.

          Iím not sure if this was a direct question, one that had the intent of desiring an actual answer- but, Iíll answer it anyway. A good narration I could remember and probably fits into the category of near unnoticeable is American Beauty. The narration is different then internal dialogue, but never gets carried away. The narrator seems to be talking to the audience- but with style, with grace. A movie that I didnít enjoy the narration entirely, but loved the movie as a whole- was Fight Club. There are moments where the narrator is talking directly to the audience (both with the visual and audio positions)- I donít think thatís ever necessary. Not to mention the narrator dominated eighty percent of the dialogue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnít. I agree and I appreciate your opinions- thanks.