Automatic Video Transcription? Does Dragon Dictate work?



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  • Automatic Video Transcription? Does Dragon Dictate work?


    I'm with a small organization currently building a script from dialogue in a bunch of clips of interviews, conversations etc.
    Right now, we are trying to determine if there is voice-recognition software that will do the transcribing for us, as using a $1/minute service or staff time isn't really an option.

    Do you know if Dragon Dictate, which seems to be the best for-sale option, would be accurate enough to handle recorded audio of variable quality, sometimes including multiple voices? Is there another voice-recognition software out there that could get us an accurate enough transcription that it would only require minor edits to use? Premiere Pro's built in speech analysis wasn't accurate enough unfortunately.

    Many thanks!

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    This might not be the best option for quality work, but it will get you a good head start.

    Try uploading your audio to YouTube, set it private, let the automatic transcription do its thing, then download the transcription file. You'll likely have to edit it but will be a step towards completion.
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