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  • To be Sucessful Work Hard and Enjoy Your Work

    Don't let jaded people in the industry or anyone discourage you. If you want to do it, then do it. It's not your family or friends life you are living. Live in the moment and work hard and enjoy your work. You can be happy with a roof over your head and an enough to eat and it's better to be a starving artist than a lot of things. I love the filmmakers business. I don't care if I am writing about it, working on a movie, talking about making movies, watching movies, learning about making movies. I love this business, and I am a success. This is what I want to do, and I am doing it! I have not won an award or made a blockbuster or big money, but I have a treasure chest of beautiful memories, and I am happy with my life and work. There are a lot of mean, resentful self-centered people working in the industry that don't want to help you or they rationalize that discouraging you is helping you. (So you don't do what they did) It's not too late for them, but it's going to take a lot of work and not the filmmaking kind. Don't let them bring you down. It's the most creative work you can do and well worth hard work, in my opinion. I love stories and the artistry of telling them with motion pictures. Start early and work late! I wish you all the best.

    P.S. I am looking for student work from productions to articles for the print magazine. I have four more issues coming out this year! I need your help! Contact me if you're interested! Be sure to sign up for the magazine!

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