Join the Group called "360 VR Filmmakers"


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  • Join the Group called "360 VR Filmmakers"

    Members are joining the group called "360 VR Filmmakers" in the Filmmakers Network at: https://networking.studentfilmmakers...-vr-filmmakers

    Join the group, and network with like-minded filmmakers, camera operators, and content creators.

    Group Info:

    360 VR Filmmakers
    Al Caudullo (owner)
    "There is no doubt that 360 VR has excited filmmakers around the world. Are you one of the early adopters? Is 360 something that you are thinking about getting into? Then this group is for you. We will share new products and new ideas."

    As of today, January 15, 2019:
    1,806 total views
    110 total members

    And growing! See you in the network!
    Jody Michelle Solis
    StudentFilmmakers Magazine
    HD Pro Guide Magazine