Is working on kids content that different from adult content?


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  • Is working on kids content that different from adult content?

    I just made my first kids cartoon. My first two years of film school I did what most other kids were doing and made self-exploratory work that tried to tackle problems I was facing in my daily life that I thought other kids would like or relate to. While working on this project I did a ton of research on childhood psychology. I found that there is tons of research on the topic of how kids absorb media. My question is, is this information really useful for making cartoons for kids? And are there any good resources for students who want to make educational kid-targeted media?

    Just a place for Sean to put some things... I'm just a creator looking for projects. Let me know if there's anything you want to see from me.

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    Thank you! yeah, my Freind Yoon Chan and I organized it about 4 years ago when that was a thing. What is short content? I would love to enter. I just scheduled shooting dates for 3 new comedy shorts and building for a stop motion kids series. I would love an opportunity to share or Premier them somewhere.