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  • Hello

    I'm glad to have found this site -- and hope I can be of use to any students out there.

    My background is mostly shooting indie features, small to medium-budget. Recently I've mostly been shooting in 24P HD, seven out of the last ten features. I just finished a 35mm anamorphic (Panavision) feature in Philadelphia and will be leaving next month for Austin, TX to shoot a small 24P HD feature in September. I'm also in the middle of color-correcting and filming-out a 24P HD feature that I shot last December.

    Even though I went to film school (MFA, 1991, CalArts) I'm mostly self-taught although that's true of most filmmakers. I had been making my own short films (mostly Super-8, some 16mm) for a decade before I even decided to go to film school. When I wasn't shooting or working to pay the rent, I was reading everything I could find and watching movies all the time.

    I'll be happy to answer technical questions but understand that I come from the attitude that technology does not precede art, but supports it. So it's pointless, in my book, to ask me what's the best camera or film stock to use if you don't FIRST have a creative idea to help guide those choices. So if I can give any overall advice to students, it would be to develop your visual imagination. Go to movies, look at paintings in museums, take walks in the woods, whatever it takes to improve your ability to SEE and to IMAGINE. THEN start thinking about technology as a means to expressing those visual ideas...
    David Mullen, ASC
    Los Angeles

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    It is really awsome to have you as a member for the students. If you have any suggestions let me know and I will more than likely make it happen.

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      Hello, it's so great to have you! Welcome to the forums!
      Jody Michelle Solis
      StudentFilmmakers Magazine
      HD Pro Guide Magazine


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        David Mullen, ASC

        Well, I'm sorry folks, but I think we need to know more about this guy before he starts cluttering up our forum.

        And since modesty prevents David from tootin' is own horn, I'll do some tootin'. David has been behind the camera on about forty feature films including two of my favs, Northfork and Twin Falls Idaho, both coincidentally, nominated for Independent Spirit awards.

        David makes regular but unscheduled appearances on most of the "important" indie bulletin web forums and always says something worth reading, so if you are browsing and see his name - READ IT!

        I'm not the only one who has noticed David Mullen. Earlier this year, David was inducted into The American Society of Cinematographers and it was well earned.

        Welcome David!


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          Thanks RC, but to be accurate, I think I'm about to go and shoot my 29th feature film in a few weeks (I'll have to sit down and add them up...)
          David Mullen, ASC
          Los Angeles