How I Made Over $90,000 Selling my Short Film

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  • How I Made Over $90,000 Selling my Short Film

    So I directed a small action short film a few years back called “BROKEN.” I shot the short film on MiniDV Tape (yes I’m old) on the Panasonic DVX 100a, the indie film workhorse of its day.

    My team and I filmed it in West Palm Beach Florida (not exactly the Mecca of the film industry) and it starred only local, non named actors.

    Now once the filming was over I marketed the living hell out of that short film. It went on to screen at over 250 international film festivals, won countless awards and was covered by over 300 news outlets.

    That little short film had a life of it’s own. I even got a review from legendary film critic Roger Ebert:

    “BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques. Effective and professional.” – Roger Ebert

    Click here to listen to the rest of the story:

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    How much did it cost to make it? If it cost more than 90,000.00 then you lost money.
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