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  • The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Open for Submissions

    I'm serving as the Guest Director for this year's Art of Brooklyn FIlm Festival. We're currently seeking submissions for the festival, which will take place in June. The fest is open to shorts and features as long as they have a connection to Brooklyn. More about the festival here

    If you're submitting and want a discount code, send me a message here and I'll happily provide you with one.

  • seanmannion
    The festival is next week! We got a lot of wonderful submissions and I"m really excited about what we'll be screening. Here's a link to a list of highlights.

    In addition to the films we also have some great skill-building workshops and panels. I'm doing a workshop called "Stop Directing Shorts and Make Your Feature the 'Wrong Way'" on producing a no budget feature, based around the production of my own no budget feature, Meme. It's Saturday 6/8 at 2PM, you can get tickets for it here

    We are also having a panel on crew inclusivity and diversity called "Diversity Beyond the Screen: The Crew." That's Saturday 6/8 at 7PM, you can get tickets here

    If you're in Brooklyn next week, please do come and check out our programming and say hi! I'll be wandering around at the festival all week.

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