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    Hello everybody!
    I am happy to join your forum. I have a few questions. Sorry for my English, I am originally from Russia.

    I am trying to do a research on film schools in Ottawa where one can study directing. Which schools would you recommend? Which courses did you take yourself? I found a course in Algonquin C. that covers different aspects but it lasts 3 years, which is unrealistic for me.

    I want to find a volunteering jobs helping a director here in Ottawa. Where shall I start? I am completely new to this, but it's been my dream for 20 years.

    Please help me with some advice.

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    why don't you come to the USA? you can go to UCLA or NYU?
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      thank you

      Thank you for the advice, but the US and actually any other city in Canada except Ottawa is not an option for me now.