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  • Frances Ford Coppala's greatest asset

    When Mr. Coppola was asked what his greatest asset is he responded without hesitation, "my imagination."
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    I'd agree, but (to be sure) I know a lot of people that would argue their self-discipline and planning abilities are their biggest strengths. Maybe this would've saved Coppola the hellish experience of making "Apocalypse Now." (Although yes, it was a terrific film, so hmm...)
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      Francis is still one of the most passionate and engaging directors EVER.

      His "making of" features show a man who has no limits to creative energy. He also works well with an overall team of people to make his movies what they are. He also rehearses a lot with the actors before a shoot, which I have taken very deeply to heart as a filmmaker.


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        So is mine. I have a thousand and one stories cooking up in my head. What I really need is time. | A Student's Guide to the Fundamentals of Filmmaking


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          Don't just advertise your links! Post something with some substance! don't make me ban you!
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            I find it rather fascinating that a director like Francis Ford Coppola would claim imagination as his biggest asset. We know how much money and talent he has. He could probably pull strings on the moon if he had to. Naturally, the guy who made Apocalypse Now and The Godfather won't face much challenge getting his next production made.

            I wonder when he said it... Do you know the year? Was it a publication? TV interview? Red carpet event? But I really would like to know when. Was it at the beginning of his career or more recently?

            I say this because I feel that many filmmakers out there also have a brilliant, colorful imagination. But no one can make a film with imagination alone. You need money and talent, both of which Coppola has.

            Nevertheless, his comment is savvy. I think all filmmakers have a powerful imagination. You need that not only for storytelling, but camerawork and editing as well. Let us learn from the master... imagination it is.
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              Originally posted by GabrielM View Post
              Naturally, the guy who made Apocalypse Now and The Godfather won't face much challenge getting his next production made.
              Whilst I don't disagree with your general statement that filmmakers cannot make films with creativity alone, your example is not the greatest. Francis Ford Coppola faced many uphill battles getting films made, even immediately after the Godfather and Apocalypse Now. George Lucas had to bail him out through most of the 1980's and put his name on as executive producer just to get anyone to make his films.

              Now, given his age, it's very hard to insure a director over 60 for production insurance. Also, studios want to appeal to audiences in the key demographic of 18-34 year olds, and they do not consider a guy in his 70's to be young and hip enough.

              At this point in time, Francis makes movies by himself for himself. He self finances his own movies solely from the profits of his wine. The real reason is to have total control. No matter who you are or what you've done, so far the only filmmaker with try autonomy was Stanley Kubrick (a friend of Francis') inside of the studio system. If you make a movie with someone else's money; you'll have to learn to work and play well with others. Even Steven Spielberg does NOT have total control over his films.

              So, I agree that you need to have practicals to make a film, not just talent. Film is a collaborative art form. Learning to communicate with others is essential to making any film.


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                Albert Einstein

                Albert Einstein

                * "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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                  I've actually had the good fortune of meeting Francis, as well as several other of his extended family members. Right off the bat, it was apparent that he has always placed the utmost priority on film as an art form. He always encouraged creativity his children and nephews and nieces. It's no surprise that they were all bitten by the bug and continue to work in the business today.
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