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  • nothing

    iam new here so i dont know if this is the place for this....
    but i was just woundering if somebody could watch my short film...
    and give me some feed back....
    [[right click the mouse and save target as]]

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    can not download the file

    on Mac ie, when you click on the link, you get error message:
    This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download.


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      click the right mouse button on the link then select save target as...


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        I like it

        very interesting. is this part of a project? it looks good. interesting. want to see more. who did the music for this? tell me how you did it? waht did you use to encode it?
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          i did it just for fun..

          the musics from nine inch nails...

          i used a digi cams av mode...

          and i used wendow movie maker 2 to edit it and compile it...


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            be careful with your choice of music

            Hi Den,
            Welcome to the forums! I enjoyed watching your short. Would like to see more as well. Be careful using copyrighted music on the internet and in your films. If you haven't obtained a license or permission, use original music. Check out these forums often. Perhaps you can hook up with other talent such as musicians/songwriters who create music for films.
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              Hey Den,

              From what I've gathered from my professors, as long as you're a student, and you're not trying to make any money off of your projects, you can use other people's music, BUT it has to be less than 20 seconds.

              20 seconds is pretty worthless to me, especially if you like music that has an ambient build or has a layered effect like NIN's stuff, because their songs fulfill a certain mood that has to be listened to for longer than 20 seconds in order to feel the effect.

              Anyhow, if you're interested in composing your own tracks for your own films so you can be all original, it's not that difficult, and you'll be able to do stuff like Reznor pretty easily. There are a number of music composition software applications available. I've used Apple Soundtrack to do some of my stuff, I’m not entirely pleased with the selection of loops, which can be pretty generic, but there’s quite a bit of freedom given as to how I want to filter it, and structure it, so it kind of levels itself out. Adobe’s Audition is said to be pretty good too.

              I guess it all just depends on what you want to do with your films, but I think you're moving in the right direction; even if it's all for Nothing...Ok that was stupid, but I had to...


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                thanks for the info.....theses forums are great ....nice people...


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                  No problem...

                  Thanks for sharing your work, keep us updated on the developments of other projects, I'd like to see what you have in store for us in the future.


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                    hey I really liked the effects you used...I use WMM2 a lot as well and I was wondering how you where able to make the guy fade and refade when he was walking