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  • Coming attraction

    Maybe finished in a couple weeks, stay tuned.
    (update - see below)
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    Published today, half-price at Lulu, retail distribution pending.

    Real world information for indie directors, covers packaging & supervision, script acronyms, pre-production, design, continuity, post production, and the nonstop diplomacy of directing a movie. Easy to read, illustrated with dozens of diagrams and screen shots from films and TV shows that the author directed, after honing his craft in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Cannes more than once. Nuts and bolts of making a feature film, directing professional actors and top technical people, spending serious money to make finished product on time and under budget, all summarized in this handy guide. Technology is wonderful, but the job of directing a movie hasn't changed, because it involves teamwork and practical affairs. The learning curve consists of absorbing the lingo of film production.


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      Thank you for sharing with us!


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        Maybe it's a good idea to give a preview? - actual size 6" x 9" trade paperback, with 61 illustrations

        Page 1 starts the section on film form, essential stuff like continuity, moving shots, POV shots, match dissolve, contradiction
        Also, there's a very cool full-size preview of about 10 pages at Lulu (just below the book cover photo)
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          Another preview of sorts, the Table of Contents. Full 10-page preview at Lulu