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  • composer looking for directors/film makers to collerate with

    Hey guys,
    My name is Jenny McCaffrey and I am a 3rd year music composition student from Dartington College of Arts, England.

    I am writing to offer my skills, for free of course, as musician and composer. I am looking for a number of short and feature films to compose music for, to include in my Final Project portfolio. I am assigned to give at least 400 hours of work to this project so you can be certain that my work will be of a very high standard.

    My primary instrument is the piano however studying in an Arts College means that I have access to hundreds of exceptional musicians and so I can arrange any ensemble you request. We also have a top of the range recording suite so you are guaranteed a quality recording.

    As a film composer my job is to create the music the director would if she or he were the musician. So you can be sure that I will endeavour to bring to life your creative vision.

    Film music is my passion, it is the reason I am studying music and it is what drives me. I am eager to get going on this project so…
    Email me

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Jenny McCaffrey