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    GUYS whats up!i really need to get into this directing business ,i have already enrolled for a directing school in NY,how ever i wouldnt want to look like a total novice in the field so please if u guys got any thing like "DIRECTING FOR DUMMIES" OR DIRECTING FOR BEGINNERS OR ANY THING HELPFUL BE IT EBOOKS,VIDEOS WHATEVER PLEASE LET ME KNOW.I WOULD LIKE TO GET DEM PLEASE

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    Aren't we all trying to figure out the secret to directing?

    Seriously, the best way to get better at something is to practice so grab a cheap video camera, some editing software, and shoot some short films or test footage. And watch movies to learn what to do well and what to avoid (like continuity errors, for one!).


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      Also, watch movies on the DVD with director's commentary on. Many of them explain why and how they did this or that, so you get to pick some great directors' brains that way.


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        Be creative. Direct your way!


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          how do i find such dvd with directors commentary!i really need to know some "behind the scene" stuffs on directing.thanks


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            Originally posted by guddsid
            how do i find such dvd with directors commentary!i really need to know some "behind the scene" stuffs on directing.thanks
            Most movies that come out on DVD these days have a director's coimmentary as a special feature. It is simply the movie with a different soundtrack. First you are supposed to watch the movie with the regular soundtrack, then you can watch it with the director's commentary.

            For example, Zathura: A Space Adventure is one of those where the director gets into a lot of technicalities in his commentary..


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              The extended Lord of the Rings films all have commentary (Driector/writers, cast, art and set design, and a couple other ones I can't think of right now). If you're looking for a "How to get rich directing fast" book you're out of luck. There's no sure fire way to get into the industry- everyone "in" has a different story of how they got there and us aspiring filmmakers are all trying to sneak our way in.


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                I too definitely recommend the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs.

                I watch them over and over, and I watch all of the special features over and over.

                I too remain a novice after years of filmmaking, and I can't imagine that I will become an expert, even once I pass 100 productions.

                There is only one sure way to become a better director. DIRECT A FILM.

                Get feedback too.


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                  Directing a couple of short films on your own video camera is usually the way to go, as suggested by everyone here. Robert Rodriguez's (not sure if it's spelt correctly) special features on his DVD's usually include a 10 minute Film School, so check 'em out.