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    Morgan King is on his way of becoming very well known. His films, including A Day in the Room, Dalamo, Epsilon Numbers, and the WARD are enjoyed by most all viewers and he definitely won't stop filming any time soon.

    Currently he's working on the 2nd and 3rd WARDs. Morgan has been receiving positive feedback from his fans. Most of them talk about how funny Bobby is, and how he should be in all of the WARDs because without him, it just wouldn't be that entertaining.

    What are your thoughts? Whether theyre about the WARD, the website, or Morgan and his friends, we always like to know what others think, and what Morgan could do to improve his site or videos.

    Thanks :] *

    Here is a wikipedia article that was posted on August 1st about Morgan King and his website,[b/]

    A growing website is now making a difference from the Bay Area of California. WWW.ARCBOUND.COM has created a breakthrough in the world of Online Media and teenage charity groups. There are even fan clubs for the website in various states: Oregon, California, and New Mexico. Arcbound has presented films such as Dalamo, A Day in the Room, Eat the Potato, Epsilon Numbers, and more. Dalamo and A Day in the Room each won awards at various film festivals around the Bay Area.

    Some of them.
    They could be better.

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    The Kind of Man

    Hi gentlemen,

    I have not had an opportunity to enjoy any of your work yet, however,
    while dining out in Dublin this past weekend, a very kind man's cohorts gave up their seat at a crowded Applebee's, at his behest, in order to allow a senior citizen to sit down.

    Morgan King and Brenden Petersen, that said a lot about the kind of people that you are! And, with respect to politics, please log into the, and submit your comments to the blog - particularly William Arkin's blog. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

    peace & grace
    Rev. C. Solomon