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  • Gladiator

    I was watching the Gladiator scene a few moments ago that has the son killing his father Caesar in the tent. There is an ancestor's statue behind the son watching on. The statue is dressed in a way that makes it another presence in the room like another living person in the scene. It's interesting. I am not sure where I am going with this post exactly but that movie did well and this scene is a turning point and it being historical and all I thought about the fallacies in human power and corruption and feel it might be almost implying that our nature is the problem from generation to generation power corrupts. I wonder if the director did this or the Art department and what was he thinking? It would be interesting to know. Any thoughts?
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    Whether it was the Director, Art Director or DP it was definitely intentional. When you get to movies at that level, where they have the time to work on each shot, it does tend to be very intentional with everything, blocking, lighting, set design, etc.

    And that movie was awesome. I love Ridley Scott's work.
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      Yes, of course. I agree. I watched the rest of it last night. It was a well told fictional story with an interesting view of real ideas and relationships.
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