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  • Free background music for your non-profit projects

    Here is some free background music that you can use for non-commercial projects. I originally composed/recorded the tracks for things like documentaries, student videos, montages and video games, so I'm not sure how well they would fit with dramatic videos. You can preview all the tracks (12 so far, ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length) and download the mp3 files from

    If you use a track, just credit it to 'music by longzijun' (

    Here is one of the background music tracks available:

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    As this page seems to be getting picked up by Google search, I will just add an update here. At present, there are now 26 background music songs in different styles as well as 8 short instrumental themes (suitable for intros, transitions and credits). The short themes can be accessed from this page:

    The styles include: orchestral, electronic, reggae and classical. Here is one of the short themes:


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      Very cool!
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        Yes, this is very cool
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          New Royalty Free Music Site for Film and Video

          Originally posted by Kim Welch View Post
          Yes, this is very cool
          Thank you for sharing. Check out this site which offers students and educators free music for film and video projects


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            Hi, here's the site here there is a great selection of different genres of royalty free music and even a free download section you can download.