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  • Composer looking for something to do (free music)

    Hello there!

    First of all, I should say that if you're looking for a professional film composer with lots of experience and an impressive portfolio, you're probably not looking for me, so don't bother reading the rest of this post.

    I'm looking for some film projects to write music for, I've graduated from University with a degree in music and wrote a lot of academic music during that time, but didn't really get much of a chance to write film music (they cut the film scoring module for some reason). I really enjoy writing music and love film music most of all. I would like to start building up experience and a portfolio scoring for film, while helping out some budding film makers at the same time.

    Unfortunately I don't really have much of a portfolio to show you, I do have one example of something short that I wrote for, although it's not a particularly good example for showcasing my skill. You can find it here:

    Some more stuff can be found on soundcloud here:

    I can write in quite a few different genres, from orchestra to rock and funk (or even combinations) as well as some electronic stuff, maybe not EDM or Dubstep though. Also not with singing (unless you can sing or have someone who can sing), you really don't want to hear me singing.

    Everything would be completely free of any charge, just please credit me in the film and allow me to include the film in my composition portfolio.

    Shoot me a reply or private message if you'd be interested!

    Best wishes,
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    Originally posted by Kim Welch
    Can you upload something to the music section? I will post on the home page
    Done, I put some stuff up here: http://networking.studentfilmmakers....s-that-i-wrote


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      Originally posted by Kim Welch
      I posted it but can you post a profile image please?
      Sorry, I was sleeping (British timezone ^.^). I wasn't really sure what to put, but I've put a picture that I took in Edinburgh, Scotland.
      I have more music on SoundCloud, just need to work on moving them across:


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        Hey, Jeffrey.
        My name's Jackson. I'm directing and co-producing a feature film this Summer.
        It doesn't matter to me that you're not completely professional, neither am I, this is my first feature.
        If you'd like to take a hit at producing music for this, please contact me at
        [email protected]
        And we can talk about the film, and I'll send you the script.

        Also, if anyone is willing, please check out and share my Indiegogo campaign: