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  • Seven Days in Utopia trailer

    A small indie movie I shot in Texas last summer now has a trailer online:

    Shot in 3-perf 35mm Panavision, Primo lenses, Kodak stock.
    David Mullen, ASC
    Los Angeles

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    Looks great!

    For that raining scene, did you back light the falling water?

    And how did you get that water rippling effect on that shot with the 2 characters on the stone bridge?


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      We were between some trees and I had two 20'x20' silks overhead (which was not enough to cover the green) so the rain was somewhat backlit by the bright sky behind the trees, otherwise I didn't do too much lighting, just some HMI fill.

      I bounced a small HMI (maybe a 1.2K HMI PAR) off of the water under the bridge, with a top flag to keep the direct light off of the bridge, so it was lit by the reflection of the HMI PAR off of the water's surface.
      David Mullen, ASC
      Los Angeles


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        lighting diagrams?


        I was wondering also-- do you make lighting diagrams during prep for a film?
        If so, how often do you stick with the plans?

        And do you have any samples from any of the films that you've done?




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          I might do a quick sketch for a particularly big set-up coming down the road, but the only real lighting diagrams I've done has been for soundstage sets in pre-production, for all the rigging that has to be done.

          Not sure what you mean by "samples"... my website has still frames from some of the movies I've done.
          David Mullen, ASC
          Los Angeles