How do I shoot night scenes during the day??

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  • How do I shoot night scenes during the day??

    Hey guys, as part of my diploma my class is making a short film which we will be filming over 2 days, the issue with this being that the film is set at night. There is no way that the shoot can be moved to night and no way that the script can be changed to incorporate the day light. All scenes are inside, but other than blocking out all the windows we aren't really sure what to do?? We will close all the curtains so that the blacked out windows can't be seen for aesthetic reasons and all lights will be introduced artificially to the scene but there are too many natural light sources in this location for us to cover all of them without a doubt so does anyone have any ideas about other ways to control natural light sources in location?
    Or any tips in general about how to shoot a professional looking night scene?

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    The below is an answer from Roy H. Wagner ASC.

    "Shooting Day for Night if youíre interior should not be a problem. If you block out the windows, making them black, the windows becomes mirrors reflecting back what is inside the set. If the lights are off then you must build small black tents over the windows which will allow you to create a moonlight glow. I tend to use 117 Blue Green Gel on tungsten lights to emulate moonlight.

    If you are filming exterior itís critical to shoot with crosslight. If you are filming in the city and you see headlights it becomes quite difficult to suggest moonlight. If you should see the sky itís best that there be a deep blue sky, no clouds. A polarizer will help to darken the sky.

    It would be best if you produced a photograph of your location. This would help with further suggestions."

    Roy H. Wagner ASC, hFRPS
    Director of Photography
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