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  • A new photographer

    Hello,guys. Greetings from China.

    I am an ordinary girl living in China.In recent years, I've become obsessed with photography.Photography can make people happy and relaxed.Most of my photos are photographic characters, food and scenery.At the beginning of the year,I accidentally got a professional microphone,COMICA CVM-WM300,it opened the way for me to shoot video.Since I am a new filmmaker, I may not be very good at making movies. There are still a lot of shortcomings in it, could you help me to identify problems, so that I have more room for improvement.

    Now we're trying to shoot a micro film,since the video is still being edited, the film has not yet been produced,but I can show you some of the shots we did on set.It may not be so good,but they all really showed the good atmosphere on the scene.And I want to know what I need to prepare before making a micro film.Welcome to correct.

    Welcome everybody to see my posts, also thanks everybody to point out my insufficiency.
    I'm also looking forward to seeing some of you in your photography.
    Hope you all enjoy!
    camera:CANON EOS 600D
    microphone:COMICA CVM-WM300