Anamorphic stretch/crop math


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  • Anamorphic stretch/crop math


    I'm shooting a microbudget short with a couple of old 2X anamorphic lenses. I would prefer to use the crop sensor (APS-C) Nikons and Sonys at my disposal but recognize that the 2X squeeze would un-squeeze at a much wider than standard 2.35:1 ratio.

    What I'd like to know: Cropping the sides to 2.35:1 in post from the un-squeezed footage, exactly how much resolution would I lose? And is there a resolution figure (i.e. 1080p, 720p) one could draw from the resulting crop?

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    I'm sorry I can't really answer your question. I do things very organically and solve problems as I go. I did find this that might be of help.
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