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  • 24p

    How do I get my video to 24p? When I capture my video, it's always 30p or 15p...
    Is there any way to change the 30p into 24p?

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    There are some applications that will allow you to do a frame rate transfer from 30 to 24. It's generally a feature only found within some of the elite NLE's. One is Final Cut Pro with their Cinetools, then there's Magic Bullet Suite, and I also think Avid Express Pro might be capable of this too. Otherwise, you'd have to initially acquire in 24P with the DVX100a or XL2, which not too many people have the privilege of shooting on. There might be some more applications out there that I haven't heard of that are able to do the transfer, but as far as Premier, Vegas, or Liquid Edition, I don't think any of them can do it. Only FCP, Magic Bullet, and maybe Avid.


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      You did not say what tape format you are working with; however there is a way to accomplish this without going to post first.

      Panasonic has a Frame Rate Converter that will accomplish just what you are seeking. Inquire of your local post houses to see if they have this equipment and what they will charge for the conversion.

      The FRC is very good solution to all the different frame rates that can be used for acquisition today. If you cannot locate a post house that offers this service in your area, we offer the service here in Colorado. Let me know if you need further assistance. Good Luck!